As a Store Supervisor you will be focused on supporting our efforts to provide the best overall customer experience. Store Supervisors have a direct impact on the success of Outdoor Voices through customer interactions, process ideation and improvement, and feedback to both store and corporate leadership.


  • Use your personality, love of the brand and product knowledge to connect all customers to the brand and welcome them to the OV Community
  • Understand the ins and outs of the OV customer and our product. Understand the customer journey, value their feedback, and identify opportunities for improvement. You are our customer’s voice to the rest of our team
  • Assist customers with their product needs to provide them with their uniform for recreation
  • Take ownership of all daily customer interactions— in the shop, in the community, online and over the phone. No task is too small
  • Promote loyalty by connecting customers with our brand and the notion of Doing Things, both in and outside of our store
  • Perform opening and closing procedures, manage cash handling at the start or end of the day, and write daily wrap-up reports as needed
  • Complete operational tasks as needed, including: cycle counts, inventory reconciliation, and online order fulfillment


  • 1+ years of Retail apparel experience— leadership a plus
  • You go Above + Beyond with customer interaction; you create 1- on-1 relationships
  • You are passionate about fostering connections with customers and the community around your shop
  • Superior people skills: you believe in recreation and doing things and how to get people to rally around it. You are friendly, approachable, and engaging
  • Cleverness. You quickly and completely solve any problem that may arise for customers or potential customers before, during, and after purchase